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The roles of Recruitment Consultants are bigger than ever before in the hiring process during Covid.

The Covid-19 first and second waves will be such long and damaging for India, no one even thought for that when it started. All industries have suffered very badly due to this pandemic.

As crises arose in India, evolutions also come into play to handle such situations. During this time the role of recruitment consultants becomes much bigger and more responsible to support the organizations by helping them in right talent search remotely.

Now the companies prefer to take telephonic rounds as well as Video rounds of Interviews for the shortlisted candidates instead of meeting them in person. Recruitment Consultants are also upgrading themselves by using the latest technology like ATS, AI-based search, acting as an interface between candidates and Companies to arrange the Interviews and help them in smoothing the total recruitment process up to virtual joining of the candidates.

It is also true that during this pandemic time the recruitment companies are also facing a big challenge and many of them are struggling to survive because of poor hiring.

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