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Accenture India fires employees with fake documents; details here

It is not easy for the candidates now to get jobs by just submitting forged documents and experience certificates. The result of such fraudulent activities is job loss, uncertain future and reputation loss. Candidates should avoid such wrong practices and should not pay to agencies for getting jobs with wrong documents.

Report as below.

Employees who were found to have obtained jobs using forged documents and experience letters were sacked by Accenture’s India unit. Although it is unknown how many employees were affected, based on Twitter conversations, the company may have fired ‘thousands’ of individuals. According to a statement from the IT firm, they have identified attempts to secure employment offers from Accenture in India using documentation and experience letters from fake organisations. People who were found to have taken advantage of this scam have been expelled. The business has made steps to ensure that there won’t be any effects on its ability to provide its clients with the best services

In an advisory which has been on the company’s website for long, Accenture advised job seekers not to fall prey to fraudulent means while applying for a position in the company. “We have been alerted to the existence of fraudulent messages asking job seekers to set up payment to cover various costs associated with establishing employment at Accenture. No one is ever required to pay for employment at Accenture. If you are contacted by someone asking for payment, please do not respond,” the company website said also asking to alert the IT firm if such instances came across.

A company statement said, “We operate under a strict Code of Business Ethics and have zero tolerance for any non-adherence. We have discovered an effort to use documentation and experience letters from fraudulent companies to obtain offers of employment from Accenture in India. As a result, we have exited people who we confirmed took advantage of this scheme. We have taken action to ensure that there will be no impact on our ability to serve our clients. We are continuing to hire, and honor existing job offers for qualified candidates.”

(Media Report)

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