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Renewable Energy

Indian renewable energy sector is the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world1. India is ranked fourth in wind power, fifth in solar power and fifth in renewable power installed capacity.

The Government is committed to increased use of clean energy sources and is already undertaking various large-scale sustainable power projects and promoting green energy heavily. In addition, renewable energy has the potential to create many employment opportunities at all levels, especially in rural areas.

It is expected that by 2040, around 49% of the total electricity will be generated by renewable energy as more efficient batteries will be used to store electricity, which will further cut the solar energy cost by 66% as compared to the current cost. Use of renewables in place of coal will save India Rs. 54,000 Crore (US$ 8.43 billion) annually. Renewable energy will account for 55% of the total installed power capacity by 2030.

We at P.S International HR Consultants provide resources to meet out specific requirements of the Renewable energy for the functions like finance, IT, human resources, production, maintenance, procurement, engineering, law, customer service, sales, and research.

We specialize in meeting specific below requirement of the Industry.

· Green Construction Manager.

· Renewable Energy Consultant.

· Solar Project Manager.

· Wind Farm Site Manager.

· Renewable Energy Sales Representative.

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