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Lifesciences, Diagnostics & Devices

Lifesciences has Significant contributions to the Indian economy: The life sciences industry is now the third-largest contributor to reducing India's merchandise trade deficit. ... Strong position in the global life sciences industry: India has also been able to build a strong position across various segments of the market.

After the liberalisation in the 1990s, domestic life sciences companies began expanding their footprint and started focusing on the development of new products and filing of patents. The industry witnessed extensive expansion overseas as well, primarily driven through the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Indian pharmaceutical industry in numbers:

  • Supplies over 50% of global demand for various vaccines

  • Supplies 40% of generic demand in the US

  • Supplies 25% of all medicine in the UK

  • Accounts for 20% of global exports in generics

  • India’s pharmaceutical exports stood at USD 6.7 billion in FY20.

Understanding the requirement of right resources for Lifescience and diagonstic sector, We at P.S International HR consultants caters requirement from Executive level to top management in Operations, Maintenance, Finance, Sales and Marketing. Human resources, Projects, finance, customer care, business development, servicing etc.

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